WiFi Solution for Warehouses: How to choose the right technology partner

WIFI Solution for Warehouses

Warehouse WiFi solutions have never been more important, thanks to the emergence of the ‘on demand supply chain’ and the demands of today’s warehousing and logistics systems. These systems are an important tool for boosting productivity and failing to implement them correctly could give your competitors a clear advantage.

So you need to ensure that your warehouse team can rely on a fast, stable and secure warehouse wireless network to support the systems and tools that keep yourbusiness moving.

That means ensuring that your wireless signal covers the whole of your warehouse space, including any external areas and without any black spots or signal overlaps. You’ll also have to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to cover all of your tools and applications, and you might need to train your staff to monitor and troubleshoot the network.

Choosing the right technology partner is a vital step in planning WiFi solution for warehouses. They should be able to make sure that your WiFi network is designed to cover your current requirements and futureproof the network for future expansions. They need to know the right hardware and software to use, and to be able to monitor and support the network if you wish.

So how do you know that you’re choosing the right technology partner? Here are five key things to look out for when you’re making your decision:

It’s vital to choose a technology partner who will take the time to really understand your requirements. Without that, they simply won’t be able to design a WiFi solution that fits your warehouse needs.

You should expect them to carry out a full survey that is specifically tailored to the warehouse environment, so that they cover the aspects that are unique to this type of space and process. The survey should take into account:

  • the size of your premises including any external areas
  • the construction of the building
  • the type of storage being used inside it
  • the number and types of device connecting to the network
    the software systems that you are running on it

They should also be able to identify any local interference and obstacles such as high racking or dense goods that could block the signal.

Once they have completed their survey, they should present their findings back to you in a clear and comprehensive report. They should also be willing to answer any questions that you might have.

If the company doesn’t carry out a comprehensive survey in this way, they are not the right technology partner for you!

Ideally you would want to work with an IT specialist who can supply hardware and software from the top vendors. However some companies may try to steer you towards their preferred brands, which might not necessarily be the best ones for your particular requirements.

So it’s also a good idea to seek out an independent, vendor-neutral specialist. This way you know that your warehouse WiFi solution will be based on the best hardware and software for your needs, not the ones that offer the best profit margins.

Cloud-based technologies allow you to access your vital commercial data instantly, on any device and from any location. They’re secure, agile and give you complete control of your warehouse network.

Cloud based warehouse technology is becoming increasingly important, so it’s a good idea to choose a technology partner who has considerable experience in designing and installing cloud-based networks.

You also need to make sure that your new warehouse WiFi solution doesn’t just meet your requirements for today. It also needs to be scalable and future proofed so that it can take into account your company’s future expansion.

So make sure that you look for a technology partner that is up to date with the latest developments including machine learning, real time data and automation.

Even the best designed networks can have problems and if you are outsourcing your warehouse network support, you need to know that your technology partner will be on hand when you need them.

Cloud technology will allow your technology partner to monitor and manage your systems remotely, making any necessary changes and updates without even having to access your physical premises.

Implementing efficient warehouse Wi Fi solutions is essential if you want your operation to keep up with the demands of today’s market. You need to know that your wireless network will allow your warehouse team to use internet tools like digital
picking and inventory systems. If it doesn’t, you could be losing ground to your competitors.

So you need to feel confident that the technology partner that you choose has the experience and knowledge to design the right warehouse wifi solutions for your business and that they can offer the support you need after installation.

Fortunately, Median IT has the skills that are needed for this task. With over 15 years’ experience in this field, you can rely on us to design, install and support your warehouse WiFi network. Our highly experienced team of IT specialists and 24/7/365 support will give you the confidence to know that your business is fully equipped for today’s on-demand supply chain.

So contact Median IT today to find out how our warehouse IT specialists can help you to optimise your warehouse operations.

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