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From some of the recent years, motels, hotels, and some of the other hospitality businesses have been the ultimate destination and second home for guests. Technology has an important connection with these hospitality businesses. As time passed, technology has also become advanced. More and more hotels and hospitality businesses have shifted their focus on updating hotel technology to make their guest experience good. Some important hotel technology trends are emerging in this new era of generation. Let us take a look upon them.

Door Key mobile devices

 The days are passed when you have to get a key in order to open the door because, over some of the recent years, door keys have undergone a lot of evolution. Firstly, a well-shaped metal piece was developed which later turned into electronic key cards. Now, the new generation hotel technology is going to witness the door key into data upon the mobile devices of the guest. Some of the good and luxurious hotels have already adopted this technology. This technology is known as NFC or the visual scanning of code. This technology is just as many airports do with the plane tickets.

Automotive services

Guests do not like room services of human that much because it’s some time gets annoying. The evolution of technology has made the interaction of guests only with technology rather than human being for some of the simple tasks. Remote check out and check in options and apps that allow guests services directly from their mobile are emerging these days. Some of the basic services can easily be automated if the right technology is used. This also frees the duty of hotel staff that they can now set up for other activities in serving hotel guests.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is an important in-room technology. Guests always look for ways to make their visit tireless. Wireless charging in hotel rooms will make your guests satisfied and attracted toward your hotel. Wireless charging is an effective and universal device. But with recent development, the new era of hotel technology is moving toward the seamless wireless charging technology in the hotel.

Wi-Fi Lounges

Guests love to have a hotel where they can freely roam in the hotel with Wi-Fi around. This kind of technology is gaining more and more popular over the past. Some hotels are transforming the semi-public spaces by elevating them with Wi-Fi so that their guests can engage with the technology whenever they want.

Smart mirror

A smart mirror is a new and one-step forward addition in-room technology. A smart mirror can serve as a connection of your hotel with the guests. All the high-end hotels are using smart mirrors in order to improve and modify their guest experience. Gone are the days when your guest gets access to hotel staff in order to know simple information of the hotel or services. This new technology provides every information that your guest can get access without making a connection to the hotel staff.

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