Warehouse WIFI Solution

WIFI plays an integral part in day to day operations of a warehouse and implemeting the right warehouse wifi solution can set you ahead of your competitors.

Warehouse WIFI Solution

WIFI plays an integral part in day to day operations of a warehouse. From receiving goods, processing online orders and efficiently dispatching them to your customers is a top priority in order to deliver great experience customer satisfaction. No matter how advanced and cutting edge technology you implement in your warehouse, if the WIFI solution in your warehouse is poor, all goes in vain. 

Further more, Modern warehouses are equiped with many IoT devices to automate and simplify operations which require fast and reliable wifi coverage.  Mobility in the warehouse can significanly improve productivity, resource utilisation and inventory management. Offering anytime, anwhere reliable and fast WIFI connection to workers can replace traditional paper-based  inventory systems with real-time order fulfillment on mobile devices.

Therefore a well designed warehouse WIFI is extremely important just like other utilities to ensure smooth and error free operations of a warehouse.

Unlike offices, warehouses are busy and complex environments that bring along a range of technical challenges. A poorly implemented warehouse WIFI solution can lead to black spots, poor signal and low WIFI throughput which slows down day to day operations, ultimately causing financial loss and damage to your brand. 

Also mobile and handheld devices pose serious challenges in large and mega warehouse environments. Unlike laptops, the orientation and locaion of these devices constantly changes making it harder for WiFi systems to deliver a strong signal.

Traditional and out of shelf Access Points, which usually are equipment with omni-directional antennas are not designed to deal with this type of moving client and can not properly adapt to changing orientation of these devices. This results in poor WIFI signal, dropped connections and unsteady WiFi performance.

Therefore, how well your warehouse performs (and by extension, how great experience you deliver to your customers) can be severely impacted by the quality of WiFi solution you implement.

Choose the correct Access Point and antenna combination. Sectorial and Panel antennas are best suited for warehouse WIFI Solution.

Putting access points on the ceiling may not be the best option. In some scenarios, access points and antennas must be mounted on the wall.

Setting the Access Point Radio power to maximum is not the solution, as this may cause interference. Imagine two people simultenously making annoucement on a megaphone and their voice overlapping. Or imagine two people having a conversation in opposite ends of an aisle, one with megaphone (Access Point) and the other without (handheld scanner). 

In UK, there are primarily two bands. These are 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band. Most of the handheld scanners and devices operate on 2.4Ghz band. The problem with 2.4GHz band is that it is much smaller, with only 3 non-overlapping channels (1,6,11). This means, as soon as you install more then three Access Points (APs) you start creating your own interference. Therefore you will need to distribute the channels  and set the correct radio power so that they do not interfere with each other. While this may sound a simple, it is certainly a complex task.

It is not just about getting WIFI signal into an empty warehouse. The signal will have to spread and penetrate through whatever is being stored in your warehouse too. Think about the racking, shelving, wooden pallets and the items themselves. A warehouse that stocks wooden items will affect the wireless signal differently to one that stocks metal items.

WIFI for Warehouse can become a complex setup. It is not just about getting couple of access points and sticking them around. Engage a professional and experienced company that specializes in Warehouse WIFI Solution like Median IT. We will carry out a comprehensive site survey and design WIFI Solution for your warehouse that will provide reliable and fast WIFI connectivity.

We have over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing Warehouse WIFI Solutions and have indepth knowledge of what works best.

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