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Your business runs on its data and when you can’t access it, your business can’t operate effectively. One of the major advantages of Cloud Storage is that it makes your vital commercial data instantly accessible on any device and from any location.

But running an in-house cloud environment requires a high level of financial investment in the necessary IT equipment and staff with the experience to administer it.

Managed Cloud solutions from Median IT allow you to securely store your data off-site but without the time and expense associated with in-house administration.

Managed Cloud Solutions London

Outsourcing your Cloud Managed storage solution requirements to Median IT takes away the hassle of cloud server management.

You’ll enjoy the ease-of-use and security benefits of cloud storage, but in the event of a problem, our highly experienced IT specialists will ensure that the impact on your business is minimal. In fact, our Remote Monitoring system allows us to proactively check for issues so we can often resolve them before they become a problem.

And in the rare event that an on-site visit is needed, our expert team can quickly reach your location from our North West London premises.

Benefits of our Cloud Solutions

Easy and Convenient

Managed Cloud storage services allow you to access your data from practically any device or location. The simple interface and drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to use, and the fixed monthly cost keeps budget planning simple.

24 hour support

Your data is available whenever you need it through our Managed Cloud but if there’s a problem, there’s no need to wait until business hours for assistance. Our London based IT Support team is available 24x7x365 so there’s always someone on hand to help.

Easy Collaboration

Collaboration between users in different locations, even different countries, is simple with Managed Cloud storage. Our file sharing facilities allow you to easily share data or even work on a single file simultaneously with clients or colleagues.

Secure and Reliable

With Median IT’s Managed Cloud, you can be confident that your commercial information is in safe hands. Your data is stored over multiple server locations so if one server fails, the others take over. This means you never need to worry about loss of data.

Scalable and flexible

Your Managed Cloud Storage solution is flexible so it can easily change to suit your needs. Upgrading to a larger storage plan doesn’t mean buying new hardware or moving data between servers. Your additional storage will be seamlessly added onto your current cloud storage environment.

Business Continuity

Managed Cloud storage services can form a key part of your Disaster Recovery plan. Managed Cloud Backups give you easy access to your commercial data so that you can quickly and efficiently recover from a catastrophic event like fire or flooding.

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