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Hotel WIFI Solution

Super-fast and reliable Hotel WIFI that will boost your hotel revenue and guest satisfaction

Hotel WIFI Solution

For most guests at your hotel, WiFi is viewed as a necessity that they expect to be available during their stay. Many travellers won’t book a hotel that doesn’t provide free WiFi services for guests and aren’t likely to book again if the internet access is slow or unreliable.

It doesn’t matter how impressive your hotel lobby is or how luxurious the room may be. If your hotel WiFi services are patchy or have slow download speeds, your guests won’t leave with a good impression of your hotel.

But many existing hotel WiFi systems become outdated or unstable over time. With more guests now using smart devices and working from their hotel room, it’s essential to provide hotel WiFi solutions that are fast and secure

Single point for all Hotel IT Support

Stay ahead of the growing need for fast and dependable internet with our hotel WiFi solution.

Our Hotel WiFi Solution offers WiFi in every guest room, as well as areas of dedicated zones in shared spaces like business lounge, co-working and reception areas. Rest assured, all our hotel WiFi solutions are comprehensively maintained to ensure seamless connectivity for all areas across the hotel.

Benefits of our
Hotel WIFI Solution

We provide hotels reliable IT Infrastructure backed by experienced and responsive technical team, allowing you to protect your brand and revenue, while you engage your guests with bespoke experience.


Super-Fast Speeds

No more slow WiFi complaints. Our hotel WiFi is expertly designed for top performance. This may involve bandwidth limits or separate networks for guests and employees to prevent congestion.

Design & Installation

You can be sure that our expert team has all the skills to design and deploy a network that meets the needs of your hotel. Your designated Median IT WiFi specialist will first survey your property to check the existing coverage before creating your hotel WiFi network design. We partner with leading WiFi manufacturers like Ruckus which allows us to select the best products to build your network, providing robust and reliable internet access throughout your hotel.

Custom Branding

Your guests will access the internet through our guest WiFi portal. This allows you to provide a branded terms and conditions page to collect user approval prior to connection. There are options to create tiered access giving free basic access and a paid premium service. You can also optionally set up a fully GDPR compliant opt-in providing data capture for marketing purposes.

Remote Monitoring

Point-to-point WiFi can be added to your network to provide internet access to lawns and terraces for outdoor events and dining. And we will ensure that we deploy your new hotel WiFi network with minimal disruption to your business and your guests. All of our WiFi installations are controlled and managed via the cloud as well as with on-site WiFi controllers. This allows us to provide continual monitoring of your Hotel WiFi environment so that any issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Out of Hours Maintenance

We know hotels are 24/7 business, that is why we schedule your monthly maintenance tasks late nights or early mornings to avoid any interruptions. during your operational hours.

Loan Equipment

We go beyond our client's expectations. That is why, we stock spare equipment and in the event of hardware failure, we will replace the hardware onsite with a temporary loan device.

End-to-End Hotel WIFI Solution

Initial Consultation

We understand your hotel's needs, helping us create an ideal WiFi solution for the best experience. We consider your hotel's setup, room count, challenges, and business goals

Site Audit

We visit your hotel for a thorough review and decide where each WiFi access point should go. We consider everything like the building's size, layout, and construction.

Design & Instal

We design and instal our hotel WiFi solutions to guarantee the best coverage and capacity. A dedicated project manager oversees the installation to prevent guest disruptions.

Ongoing Support

We continue to monitor and manage your hotel's WiFi system, guaranteeing its continuous optimal performance and minimizing the possibility of any downtime.

What our clients say about our Hotel WIFI Solution


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