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As a hotel, accepting credit card payments means that you need to be PCI compliant to protect your guests against card fraud. We have extensive experience of helping hotels meet the requirements for PCI compliance, which also has the added benefit of reducing bank surcharges and levies.

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Hotel PCI Compliance

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The requirements for PCI compliance apply wherever credit card payments are processed, whether that is over the phone, through a hotel booking website or in person at your hotel’s reception desk. High standards of hotel network security are vital to protect your guests against fraud but IT PCI compliance is only one part of the process. PCI also affects many other aspects of your hotel, such as recording calls where a credit card is used to make a reservation or making a physical note of a credit card number on a guest registration card..

And if your hotel isn’t PCI compliant, the penalties can be very expensive for your business. If credit card fraud takes place due to your failure to meet the required standards, you could even face losing your credit card merchant status and your ability to take credit card payments.

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How to achieve PCI compliance

You may be unsure about what is needed for PCI compliance for your hotel. Many hotel owners and managers feel confident that they meet all of the necessary requirements but we often find that this isn’t the case.

Median IT is the ideal IT solutions partner to help you achieve PCI compliance. We can work with you to identify the areas of your business that fall within the scope of PCI and where you need to make changes to pass PCI compliance validation. Then we can design and implement a PCI solution for your business.

We will guide you through every step of the PCI compliance process including building and maintaining a secure network, ensuring that anti-virus and anti-malware programs are kept up to date, encrypting the transmission of cardholder data and carrying out regular reviews of security policies

Working with Median IT

Median IT has been delivering high quality IT services for over 15 years and we are specialists in providing IT solutions for hotels. Our highly qualified and experienced team of IT specialists and London-based Central Helpdesk support Median IT clients throughout the UK, and our plain English approach to IT solutions means that you’ll always be kept fully in the picture.

So if your business needs help to achieve PCI compliance, our Hotel PCI Compliance service is the right choice.

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