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As a hotel owner or manager, you know how important it is to ensure that your guests, your team and your property remain secure at all times. We work with leading hotel CCTV manufacturers to make sure you have the best CCTV system in place to keep everyone safe.

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Hotels are busy, high-traffic buildings which need expert security solutions. With 15 years’ experience of providing world class IT solutions, Median IT is the ideal partner to deliver your hotel CCTV solutions. Our hotel CCTV installation services will help to protect your hotel against theft, fraud and damage.

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Designing your Hotel CCTV solution

Median IT’s team of experts will first assess your hotel’s requirements in terms of how much equipment is needed, how to store the footage and how long to store it for. They’ll offer guidance on the best CCTV cameras for your hotel, the number of cameras you need, and the placement of cameras, digital storage and monitoring equipment.

Of course, you’ll need coverage in your hotel’s entrance, reception and car park, but you may also want to consider placing cameras in other public areas as well as your pool or spa. It’s important to design a CCTV system that prioritises the safety and security of your guests while also making sure that their privacy is maintained.

Your Median IT specialist will then design the best CCTV system to match your hotel’s specific requirements. We can work within your budget and if required, we can create a system that co-exists with your pre-installed infrastructure. This phased approach to replacing your CCTV system can make it much easier to budget for the project.

State of the art CCTV technology

We have worked with top hotels throughout the UK, providing CCTV services and installing state of the art CCTV technology. We can design and deliver a CCTV system for your hotel utilising state of the art technology such as 4K UHD CCTV cameras, ANPR cameras for your car park and face detection technology for check in.

Our CCTV specialists are experts at handling tricky installations where retro-fitting cables is difficult or where hotel surveillance cameras and cables need to be sympathetic with the surrounding area. And all Median IT CCTV systems allow you to carry out remote monitoring from any location

Working with Median IT

Median IT’s team of highly qualified experts are based from our Central Helpdesk in London but we work with clients located across the UK. Our experienced team has all the skills to deliver the excellent service your hotel requires and our plain English approach means you’ll always know exactly how your hotel CCTV installation is progressing

Our extensive experience of working in the hotel sector means that we understand the need to limit the impact of the installation on your guests. We’ll work with you to ensure that work takes place at suitable times with as little disruption as possible

Free Hotel CCTV Health Check

When was the last time you carried out a health check or audited your hotel CCTV solution? For many hotels, its been a while!

Did you know. Our hotel CCTV installation services will help to protect your hotel against theft, fraud and damage.

To help you find out, for a limited time, we are offering a comprehensive hotel CCTV health check completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligations or strings attached.

Every aspect of your hotel CCTV solution is assessed and analyzed by our team to ensure it is delivering both optimum coverage and maximum R.O.I.

Where it isn’t, we’ll make recommendations on how you can make improvements which ultimately lead to improved guest experiences, more repeat bookings, and brand growth.

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