Data cabling isn’t just about neat and clean cabinet

Data Cabling Services London

When it comes to server and comms rooms, nothing bothers me more than a poorly wired network cabinet. Whether your systems are on-premises or cloud-hosted, cabling infrastructure is the backbone of all your technology.

How does your network cabinet look like? If it looks like the picture on the left, that’s great, however; if it looks like one on the right, its time you to begin re-wiring project. You may ask why and I must insist to say, it isn’t just about neat and clean cabinet, there is much more to it.

Data Cabling Services London
Network Cabling Tidy Up Services London

“Poor Data Cabling Can Lead To Catastrophic System Failures”



This is the number one and foremost reason. Troubleshooting in a messy network cabinet is challenging for everyone, including the IT engineers, let alone a novice.

Scenario: Imagine a hotel business, where operations are round the clock 24 hours, it is 2 AM in the morning and just when the night manager begins to run the night audit, systems stop working! The night manager calls the IT Manager or IT Support company for help. Upon remote troubleshooting, it seems like the internal network is not able to break out to the outside world and ultimately not being able to access Opera PMS hosted in Frankfurt data centres. The IT Manager or IT Support engineer requests the night manager to quickly run to the server room to check few devices and cables, but as soon as the night manager enters the server rooms, boooom finds spaghetti of wires! Now the remote IT Support person and the on-site night manager will spend more time to identify a device, trace a cable to resolve the connectivity issue and in that process and frustration, the night manager pulls another cable out and there starts another fresh new problem! A business that runs 24/7 with both the hotel staff and guests relying on connectivity and technology are all at stand still.

Now imagine the same scenario but just with the difference that when the night manager enters the server room, finds a clean, neat and well-labelled server cabinet, the troubleshooting process would be so much easy with minimal downtime. If your business operations depend on technology no matter how complex it is, ensures it is simplified.

It is important for cables to be organised and colour coding is a great way to know which cables are designated for certain purposes, and always ensure they are labelled.



Airflow And Performance

A very important aspect that is always overlooked. Servers and network equipments run 24/7/365 and they need efficient cooling environment. A proper airflow is the key to cables and equipment longevity. Keeping temperatures low and consistent is beneficial to equipment and performance. Increased temperatures not only damages electronic equipment, but can also damage the cable jacket and do harm its inner workings. Messy network cabinet generously reduces the airflow degrading performance and ultimately damaging both cables and equipment.



Fire Safety

Another critical reason for proper cable management has to be with Fire Safety. Tangled and unorganised wires and cables are more likely to lead to sparks and even fire. Someone can even trip over the bundle of cables if left unchecked. This can lead to fire or damaging the devices which are connected to the unorganised Cables.


At Oyatech, we have carried out several server cabinet clean up projects and our engineers are expert at working on live and operational environments. Get in touch with us today to get a a free site inspection and no obligation quote..

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