Benefits of using external IT Consultancy Services

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Congratulations! It’s 2019 and your business is growing, youhave a great in-house team that have helped take your fledgling idea and make turn it into reality, but does your in-house team have full knowledge and expertise of the latest technologies? Businesses today, especially the hospitality industry cannot afford to stay behind in adopting new technologies that not only enhances guest stay and experience, but also improves back of house operations. Businesses and hotel owners have to grasp every opportunities to stay ahead of the game to retain client and guest loyality.

Working with different clientel, I often see that businesses and hotels not performing very well due to lack of enthusiasm in adopting innovative technologies and solutions, or even simply upgrading and tweaking their IT Infrastructure. The management mindset has been trained to believe that the “10 years old” IT Infrastructure is running fine, and there is no need to re-invest in it, often due to either owners not willing to invest, or the in-house IT team not having knowledge and expertise of latest technologies.


I always recommend businesses and hotel owners to hire external IT Consultancy Services to analyse their current IT Infrastructure, Technologies and Solutions in place along with vision of the business. I recently came across a client who paid over £12,500 in procuring a new Dell Server, because that is what their existing IT Support Company proposed them. The new Dell Server was merely used to run 4 virtual servers for Domain Controller, File & Print Server, Vingcard System and Remote Access.

The hotel owners did not do anything wrong by upgrading their server, infact they were over due, however the technology and solution offered to them was old school. Same physical server onsite, beefed up with so much resources which they will never use in the hardware lifecycle, simply because the owners and management did not have the expetise, and the IT Support Company took the advantage to misguide them to pay such money. Apart from the hardware cost, the hotel also paid £7,500 for server setup fees – absolutely rip off.


The above rip off could have been avoided at first place, if the hotel owners had hired external IT Consultancy Services company to analyse the existing IT Infrastructure and the proposal along with the quotation to ensure that the right solutions and services are procured and fair market value.

IT Consultancy Services from companies like Median IT, does not cost fortune, and in the above scenario, the hotel owners would have saved 35%, that is around £7,000 and would have also got cutting edge solution.


  • Access to broad networks of resources and expertise.
  • Add skills and capabilities that you may not have in your team.
  • Improve diversity and reduce internal bias through an external perspective (e.g. project reviews).
  • Facilitate decision making processes and mitigate internal competition.
  • Access knowledge from other organizations and industry best practices.
  • Build capabilities (skills transfer) within your internal team (mentoring).
  • Isolate internal management from sensitive internal decisions.
  • Support internal staff during operational peaks (load balancing).
  • No long-term commitments – use the contracted resource as needed.
  • Access part-time senior skills and resources through retainer relationships.
  • Focus your organization on its core competencies, let us deliver projects.
  • There are minimal administrative barriers to engage a consultant.
  • Used wisely, consulting services can expedite the development of your business or products.
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