5 ways Managed IT Services can boost your business

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Traditionally businesses would have relied on an in-house team to maintain their IT infrastructure, but times have changed. The rapid pace of technological change makes it hard to keep up to date, and this can create a reactive approach to IT services.

Outsourcing your IT requirements to a specialist Managed IT Service provider like Median IT is an excellent way to take a more proactive stance.

Managed services means outsourcing a particular service to a third party. It could cover anything from marketing to supply chain management, but Managed IT Services is one of the most common forms.

The rise in popularity of managed IT services is mainly due to increased demand from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). They know that they need to use the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage, but don’t have the budget to do this effectively with an in-house team.

Managed IT support allows SMEs to compete with larger organisations without incurring prohibitive costs.

Here are just a few of the benefits that Managed IT Services can bring to your company:

Keeping up with the latest technology requires training and education, and that means extra cost. If your IT systems are maintained by a single person or a small team, they may struggle to keep up to date.

With managed IT solutions, this is no longer your problem. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) will be responsible for keeping their knowledge current at no extra cost to your business. They’ll also be responsible for maintaining and updating equipment, so you’ll never have to worry about outdated software or obsolete hardware.

One of the main benefits of using a managed IT service provider like Median IT is that it makes financial planning easier. Instead of having to cover recruitment costs, salaries, training and annual leave, you’ll simply pay a single monthly fee to your MSP.

And because the service level agreement that you sign will be tailored to your company’s particular requirements, you don’t have to worry about unexpected service costs or emergency replacements for hardware.

Your IT requirements are likely to change over time, but outsourcing your IT services to a Managed Service provider will make it easier to accommodate them. You can scale your systems up and down to meet your needs, and changes can be made in real time so that there’s no need for any expensive system downtime.

It’s also a good idea to look for an MSP that can provide cloud managed services such as Back up as a Service, proactive monitoring and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Instead of reacting retrospectively to problems as they occur, an MSP will be constantly monitoring your systems and looking out for any threats and vulnerabilities.

This means they can identify and fix any issues in the shortest possible time, probably before you’ve even noticed a problem.

All of this will allow you and the rest of your employees to concentrate on the core business of your organisation, while your MSP handles all of your IT requirements.

And as your business grows, your Managed IT Services provider will be able to deal with the increased workload seamlessly, which can only be good for your business’ continued success.

For more information on Managed IT Services, contact the team at Median IT to discuss your needs.

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